I Am Moving – New Blog In The Works


Those of you who have been following my activities on here know that I have been freelancing for some time now. For the last few months I’ve been getting myself more organised and becoming more business-minded. I’ve worked with a mentor through the Prince’s Trust to develop a business plan and I’ve started to work harder at marketing myself.

I used to think branding was a dirty word, but, I’ve tried to be creative with it and it’s been an interesting journey. The lovely Deborah Ballinger has drawn some beautiful illustrations for me that I’ve already begun to use on my business cards (above), my facebook page, my twitter and my new website which should be finished any day now. Please follow me.

Some of the illustrations are based on characters from my animations who you might already be familiar with, like Wolfy here. I think Deborah’s done an amazing job of capturing his personality. The whole website is designed around my love of early cinema, such as the cameraman at the top of my post.Image

I also have a new blog so you’ll find me over there from now on, writing about my projects and experiments in film, animation and makeup.I’ll be copying over some of the posts from here too. I hope you’ll join me.


Go Ahead, Make My Day!

My name is Evan, and as a low budget filmmaker I am used to getting my hands dirty on set and occupying several roles at the same time. This hands on attitude has led me to experiment with production design, props and puppet making, special effects makeup and set building. I have recently extended my props making work to the retail and events industries. This blog is an online portfolio of various professional projects and personal experiments.

I love monster movies, fantasy and horror films so you’ll see a lot of that influence here. I am definitely drawn to the dark side, so filmmakers like Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton are a big inspiration as well as surrealist animators like Jan Svankmajer and Jiri Trnka. I love stop motion animation, especially when it gives me the opportunity to create strange characters.

So, I invite you to explore my imagination here. Feel free to comment and critique. If you’re interested in the rest of my film and video work then please check out my YouTube channel.

Should you wish to send a project my way then drop me a line at evanwilkinson@hotmail.com